Culture & Identity

Ingraining sustainability in business, making a deep move in the direction of business for good, changes profoundly the way business is conducted - and this changes organizational culture. CSR has an impact on culture.

It’s also, obviously, true the other way around. There are times when components of the existing business culture hinder the rolling out of sustainability in business, and when it is useful to consider that cultural change is not just a result of the adoption of CSR in business but must be led to prepare and comfort it.

Based on Edgar Schein's definition of culture and on the work of Christopher Bollas, we offer cultural assessment frameworks, that start by the question «What do we need to change in our culture and in our set of values to make the Business for good change we need happen?» in order to reveal the hidden underlying assumptions that lead to those painful contradictions that build resistances. We then offer built-in frameworks to address them.