Implementing your Strategy

Managing and implementing your CSR strategy is an incremental process with progressive steps.

We assist you in questioning and developing your strategy in the light of a dual approach of both opportunities and risks, at the crossroads of vision and materiality assessment.

Then it is necessary to unfold this strategy, to accompany its integration within the business units and activities.

After a first period based on best allies and flagship initiatives, it becomes necessary to structure, organize, channel the CSR network, tools and systems to impulse greater dynamics.

We help you to:

• Assess the integration of CSR policy in your different activities and functional business units

• Structure you customized implementation plan

• Organize bottom-up initiatives and collective innovation

• Structure your CSR network internally, make it live, formalize it, officialize it,

• Define the rules and initiatives that will give it a broader scope (network of correspondents, HR recognition, incentives, feedback and communication tools)

• Engage top management