Courances is not just the perfect location to welcome your seminars and workshops, because of second to none accommodation in a beautiful setting less than one hour from Paris : it has also gone through it's own transformation for good.

The 500 hectare cereal farm has been converted from intensive traditional agriculture - with exhausted soils and a polluted water system - to organic farming within 5 years, making of Courances' farm a pioneer of large cereal conversion in the North of the Loire river in France, and providing a new ecosystem for the Gatinais region as a whole.

Organic vegetable cropping has been started with the aim of nourishing Paris and has now grown to market gardening over more than 6 hectares cultivated around the principles of organic farming, of diversity, of soil restoration, and of experimentation.

The park itself offers multiple stories of transformation around the water sources, the gardening designs and the ' local but japanese' garden.

We offer stories, meeting with key people, displacements and metaphors in your journeys at Courances enabling you to trigger new insights in your business practices.

Inspiration at Courances imageInspiration at Courances image