Changing for Good

Accompanying human dynamics in CSR

Consulting and coaching for growing Business Responsibility in Society

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We help Businesses change to change the world, change the lives of the people who make them and who they serve, and increase the meaning of their action.

Sustainability, Business for Good, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Business Ethics, imply highly transformational change as the path to profit becomes as important as profit itself.

The question, for leaders, is how to make the change flourish.

Your CSR policy needs to be created and carved at the unique intersection between business, sustainability and identity. It then has to be carried further by people wholesomely engaged in the process, with their minds and emotions.

We believe that there is a need to carefully prepare, plan, and accompany the implementation of sustainability in business considering organizational behavior and psychodynamics at the heart of your process.

Changing for Good is born from this evidence.

We help you develop your sustainability policy and grow meaning and motivation in CSR.

We grew from research, from listening to leaders and to their followers. We help you grow motivation and address resistances at personal, interpersonal, and organizational level. We are your guides to your framing on your own unique, identity inspired solutions.

Our approaches, combining training, consulting and coaching, have one unique aim: accompany you, your partners and stakeholders in having the human dynamics with you.

Changing for Good faster and bigger. Meaningfully.

Building your Vision

Bring your CSR identity to life

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Implementing your Strategy

Manage and organize

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CSR Leadership

Helping leaders grow their inner resources

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Motivation spread

Triggering CSR growth in your organization

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Facing Resistance

Leveraging of resistances to CSR

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Culture & Identity

Accompanying cultural organizational change

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Coaching you and your CSR leaders

Finding the right balance in leading CSR, resourcing your motivation, opening up a space for reflexion, feedback and self adjustment.

Accompanying the growth of CSR

Finding the priorities in terms of fields to address, designing the actions to take within a time frame, elaborating feedback processes, conducting and coordinating multiple programs

Co creating and co implementing CSR

Mobilizing collective intelligence in project teams or transversal networks to bring your CSR strategies and actions a step further

Reflective spaces at Courances

Seminars on your CSR policy or specific questions : a transformational journey resting on the sustainability story and setting of Courances.

Driving cultural change

What do you need to change in your culture and in your set of values to make the Business for good happen?

Business for Good Leaders

All those who drive the policy and ingrain it in business : CSR, CR, Sustainability, Business ethic leaders as well as HR, communication leaders... and CEOs

Collaborators and Stakeholders

All collaborators brought to co create and co apply a sustainable business policy internally in Marketing, Finance, Procurement, SI, Sales, HR, etc... And stakeholders brought to guide or co create the route towards business for good

CEOs, Executive committees and Boards

Governance entities driving strategy and decision making at highest level wanting to address more wholesomely Business for Good


Exploring situations with a "night" vision, surfacing unconscious dynamics. Differentiating roles, positions and people.

Metaphorical experiences

Associative and metaphorical thinking, displacement through live experiences engaging body and mind.


Collective intelligence, Creative Problem Solving and lateral thinking to inspire new initiatives and networking efficiency.

Courances is not just the perfect location to welcome your seminars and workshops, because of second to none accommodation in a beautiful setting less than one hour from Paris : it has also gone through it's own transformation for good.

The 500 hectare cereal farm has been converted from intensive traditional agriculture - with exhausted soils and a polluted water system - to organic farming within 5 years, making of Courances' farm a pioneer of large cereal conversion in the North of the Loire river in France, and providing a new ecosystem for the Gatinais region as a whole.

Organic vegetable cropping has been started with the aim of nourishing Paris and has now grown to market gardening over more than 6 hectares cultivated around the principles of organic farming, of diversity, of soil restoration, and of experimentation.

The park itself offers multiple stories of transformation around the water sources, the gardening designs and the ' local but japanese' garden.

We offer stories, meeting with key people, displacements and metaphors in your journeys at Courances enabling you to trigger new insights in your business practices.

Inspiration at Courances imageInspiration at Courances image
  • 3 Rue Decrès, 75014 Paris, France

Aude Joly

Managing Partner & founder

-- Consulting and coaching visions and strategies -- Aude specializes in accompanying businesses at the interface of her three expertise fields: Marketing & Foresight, Sustainability, and Change Leadership.

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